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When is the best time to get a headshot?

Timing Your Headshot: When to Capture Your Best Professional Look

A professional headshot is a powerful tool in today's visually-driven world. Whether you're a seasoned executive, an aspiring actor, or a freelancer showcasing your services, your headshot introduces you before a word is spoken. Naturally, you want that first impression to be stellar, but when should you book your photo session?

While there's no single "perfect" time of year for headshots, certain seasons and considerations offer distinct advantages.

Key Factors to Consider:

  • Purpose: What are you using your headshot for? A corporate website might benefit from a more formal feel, while a creative portfolio could call for something more artistic. The time of year can influence your wardrobe and backdrop choices to align with your headshot's purpose.

  • Your Natural Glow: Do you tan easily in summer? Or does your skin look its best in the cooler months? Your complexion can influence when it's ideal to have your photo taken.

  • Photographer Availability: Popular photographers often book up in advance. Consider lead times and check for seasonal spikes in demand when planning.

Season-by-Season Breakdown

  • Spring:  The weather is often mild with plenty of natural light. Blossoming flowers can make for beautiful outdoor backdrops if your headshot style allows it.

  • Summer: If you love the sun-kissed look, this is your season. Be mindful of harsh midday sun and consider early morning or evening sessions for softer light.

  • Fall: The vibrant foliage creates stunning backdrops for outdoor headshots. Crisp autumn weather means less chance of sweating or frizzy hair disrupting your look.

  • Winter: If cozy indoor headshots fit your aesthetic, winter can be perfect. Photographers often have more availability in this less-busy season.

Beyond Seasons: Additional Tips

  • New Year's Rush: January is a popular headshot month due to resolutions and fresh starts. If you want this time slot, book well in advance.

  • Wardrobe: Dress to reflect your industry and desired image. Choose colors that complement your skin tone, and stick to timeless styles that won't look dated quickly.

  • Hairstyle and Makeup: Whether going for a natural or glam look, make sure your hair and makeup enhance your features. Professional makeup artists specializing in headshots can be a worthwhile investment.

The Bottom Line

The best time to get your headshot is when you feel confident, well-rested, and have chosen a photographer who matches your desired style. While the season can add another layer to your decision, ultimately, a stunning headshot is about showcasing the best version of yourself – any time of the year!

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