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How to Take a Professional Headshot for Your Job Search: Tips, Clothes, Photographers, and Lighting.

Taking a professional job search headshot

A professional headshot is an essential part of any job search. It is the first thing that potential employers will see, and it can make a big difference in whether or not you are invited for an interview.

Wear the right clothes

What you wear for your headshot is important. You want to choose clothes that are professional and flattering. It is also important to choose clothes that are appropriate for the industry you are applying for jobs in. For example, if you are applying for jobs in the finance industry, you would want to dress more conservatively than if you were applying for jobs in the creative industry.

Pose naturally

The best headshots are those that look natural and relaxed. Avoid posing too stiffly or awkwardly. Try to relax and let your personality shine through.


A smile is a great way to make your headshot look warm and approachable. However, avoid smiling too widely or cheesily. A natural smile is the best way to go.

Choose the right lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in a good headshot. If you are taking your own headshot, make sure to do it in a well-lit area. You can also use a light diffuser to soften the light. If you are having your headshot taken by a photographer, they have the expertise to choose the best lighting for you.

Edit your photos

Once you have taken your headshots, you can use photo editing software to make minor adjustments, such as cropping the photos, adjusting the brightness and contrast, and removing any blemishes. However, avoid over-editing your photos, as you want them to look natural.

By following these tips, you can take a great headshot that will help you stand out from the competition in your job search.

Should you use a professional photographer for your headshot?

Investing in a professionally taken headshot is a worthwhile investment. It gives you the benefit of pro lighting, posing, editing, as well as objective advice on which shots look the best.

A professionally taken headshot can make a big difference in your job search. It will make you look polished and professional, and it will help you stand out from the competition. If you are serious about your job search, investing in a professional headshot is highly recommended.

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