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Pre-School Photography

Countryside Studios is a trusted Pre-School photography service with over 20 years of expertise.  Hands-on customer service provide " fit the need"  options for your school community. Our unique process is fun for the children allowing them to be themselves and stress free for the staff.  Attention to detail delivering exceptional photography results, a benifit to both your school and their families. 

Corporate headshot photgraphy

What we offer

  • Indoor and outdoor options

  • Group Photos on-site or composite photos can be created for each class.

  • Group photos for each teacher

  • Full set of group photos for the school.

  • Administrative options also available 

Group business photography

Our Process

  • Date and background chosen

  • Schedule is created

  • Photos are taken, 

  • Photos are edited  then uploaded for viewing and ordering. 

  • Orders are placed and processed

  • Orders are shipped to home

Annual report photography

Photo Day

  • Multiple photos taken of each child

  • 3-5 minutes per child. Some children will be very comfortable and take less time, but extra time is spent for those who are a bit shy.

  • A group photo is taken at the begining or the end of each class

Our images speak for themselves

Corporate headshot photgraphy

After Photo Day

  • All images are cafefully edited by our staff.

  • A multi photo gallery is created for each child then uploaded to our user friendly site.

  • A link and unique password is shared with the school and families for viewing and ordering. 

Group business photography

The Ordering of Photos

  • Packages available but not required

  • Gallery purchases offered, for those who love them all. 

  • Orders placed by weekly after launching

  • Orders processed and shipped directly to the customer.


Annual report photography

Why Countryside Studios

  • Woman owned local small business

  • No prepayment

  • Variety and high quaility

  • Listen and go above and beyond

  • Easy to work with

  • Love what we do and do it well

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