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Summer Sibling Free Photo Days

It's been a Hot Summer this year!  Countryside Studios in Madison NJ decided to take advantage of our beautiful town parks and held a Summer Sibling In The Park photo event this year!  There was no purchase necessary and we organized it through Sign Up Genius.  It was a huge success!  We look forward to it again next summer!  Below are some samples.

Posted July 2017

Christening Photographs

Joey came to Countryside Studios in Madison NJ for some Christening Photographs in a very handsome outfit mom picked out for the occasion.  Soon enough, he decided he was hungry and in need of a nap.  After his delightful lunch and siesta, the outfit just didn't feel right anymore!  We ended up having a great time photographing him while he hugged and giggled with mom.  He'll be back to finish the shoot soon and we can't wait!

Posted March 2017

Tweens are people too!

At Countryside Studios in Madison NJ we believe every stage in a child's life is absolutely amazing to witness.  Even the dreaded 'tween' stage!  When our (used to be) babies are making their way into the world with their special talents and self discovery.  It's a scary time for both the kids and  parents!  We know we must help foster their talents and guide them into the future by giving them the tools to be happy and successful human beings.

We have compiled some samples of 'the beautiful tween' in all their glory! 

Thanks for looking,

Countryside Studios in Madison NJ

Posted February 2017

Untitled photo

It's that time of Year!  School Picture Day!

Countryside studios has been taking School Pictures for almost 20 years.  We have seen a lot of crazy pictures through those years.  This is just a short example of some of the hilarious things that happen on Picture Day.


posted September 2016

Picture Day Bloopers

Actor/Publicity Headshots

Say Hi to David.  He is an actor who we've come to know and love here at Countryside Studios in Madison NJ.  David has been a life long resident of Morris County although his career takes him all over the country.  You can check him out  (after you finish reading our blog of course)

David just informed us he has booked a new commercial and web series!  We couldn't be happier for him! This inspired us talk about what he did in order to have the perfect Headshot pictures and most importantly, get work!

Since David grew his hair out, his agent told him he needed new Publicity shots to show off his 'look'. It's so important when making any changes in your appearance to have updated Headshots to properly represent you. You'll be wasting everyone's time and effort if you get called in for a audition based on an old Composite that you look nothing like anymore.

When David comes to the studio for new Actor Headshots he is always prepared with the different 'looks' he wants to portray.  He comes with several changes of well fitting clothes that are slightly different in style to show off the variety of parts he could play.   We have a quick meeting to discuss different options of lighting and background to best go with how he wants others to see him.  It is definitely a group effort, but we have such a blast!

Visit our Actor Headshot Page for ideas and pricing!

posted August 2016

Untitled photo


Countryside Studios in Morris County NJ can help you modernize the 'look'

Profile pictures have come to be a necessary part of selling your brand.  Whether it be for your own Website, Linkedin, Tinder, even Facebook, we are distinguishable by our image first.   Camera phones aren't going to cut it when it comes down to prospective employers, networking, or dating (swipe left).  So, there are some basic rules when it comes to creating the perfect image that tells the world you are here and ready. 

First, get a good night's sleep! Lack of sleep makes us all feel just terrible.  No amount of coffee or make up can replace  that sparkle in your eye. 

Second, bring a few choices of clothing to your session.  Make sure everything you bring is comfortable, well fitting and appropriate to the image you are trying to portray  (Don't wear a cocktail dress or flannel shirt if you are going for a 'business casual' look).

Last but not least,  be yourself!  Make sure you have a good rapport with the person taking your Profile Picture or Headshot.  You need to look approachable, friendly and confident. It's so important that you don't look nervous or uncomfortable in your photograph. 

Now get out there and show them what you got!

Check out our Corporate/Headshot Gallery for some ideas

Posted July 2016

Some Looks

Countryside Studios in Madison NJ has some great advice for preparing your baby for their first photo shoot! 

Just last week we had a one year old girl come into the studio for a professional photo session.

Such a great time with sweet baby Pearl!  Mom brought her to the studio fresh from a nap and a full belly, she was ready to be a star!  We met Pearl and at first she was a little shy with all these new people and weird surroundings.  After a few minutes of peek-a-boo and goofy faces she decided she liked us enough to let us take her picture.  Mom stood right next to her just off set and she played, crawled off set and thought it was very funny to eat her dress.  We loved her!

Check out our Child and Baby Gallery

Posted June 2016

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