Pricing First Holy Communion - COUNTRYSIDE STUDIOS

Each portrait session is specialized to the individual communion recipient. Including contemporary and traditional posing. We will walk you through your choices in our pre-session consultations. We will look at choices of backgrounds discuss clothing.

If you have a special rosary, prayer book, or any other jewelry or keepsake, please bring it along.

Plan around your child’s schedule. Help them to have a snack beforehand if they are just getting out of school. The photography session usually only takes around a hour. If they are nervous, let them know what to expect and how long it will probably take.

First Holy Communion

Session fee

Included in all packages

The session fee covers pre-photography consultations and the photographer’s time during session. Each session is usually 1 hour.

Print Packages

Start at $250.00

For additional pricing details please contact the studio.

or call 973 377 5750

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